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Benefits Of Spray Foam Insulation

Many people imagine using spray foam insulation in their houses as too costly. The use spray foam insulation has numerous benefits that make it worth spending on it. Spray foam insulation is developed primarily from two different types of materials namely polyurethane and isocyanate.

When these two chemicals are chemically reacted.the resulting compound harden and expand. When the spray foam insulation is being installed, the two constituent materials are sprayed simultaneously from the spray gun, and they form an expanded protective layer over area being sprayed. There are two main types of foam insulation which includes the open cell and the closed cell.

The open cell insulation foam is dense and spongy. This enables the open cell foam insulation to be more effective when it comes to dampening sound. The closed-cell insulation is usually more costly than the open cell, but they have more benefits. Here are the main benefits of using spray foam insulation.
Spray foam insulation has far more powerful insulating properties than other forms of insulation. The spray foam insulation can offer tight sealing of all crannies and nooks that could otherwise be exposed.

Spray foam insulation helps to save significant amount of energy. theYou can save some significant amount of cash on energy expense because the spray foam insulation saves lots of energy because it is a powerful insulator. The average energy saving of spray foam insulation is about 50 % which is higher than the 30% that is common with other insulation methods.

The spray foam insulation is also advantageous since they offer an air-tight seal. When you use the spray foam insulation, you can be sure of sealing your attic tightly as well as your crawl space. If you want to reduce air leaks which in most cases contribute to high energy bills; you should consider installing a spray foam insulation. The airtight seal created by the spray foam has been known to be over twenty times less permeable to air infiltration when compared to other forms of insulation.

If you are looking for a moisture barrier, you should consider installing a spray foam insulation. If you have holes and cracks in crawl space and walls, water and moisture will also enter the house and not just air. Spray foam insulation is impermeable to water, and they will do a good job of keeping it way.

The other benefit of spray foam insulation is that it deters mold. This is because the spray foam insulation is made from inert polymer that offers no source of food for bacteria and molds to grow.
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