Where to Buy Rivets

Anyone in the aerospace industry has almost certainly heard of Aircraft Rivets, also sometimes known as aircraft blind rivets. They are used extensively in the fabrication of airplanes and other aerospace structures to assemble panels, attach skins to frames, and more. However, these are far from the only uses for aircraft blind rivets. Just about any application that involves a structure that can only be accessed from one side can benefit from this type of fastener.

This general type of rivet can be manufactured according to either a 100-degree countersunk style or a universal, or protruding, style. They come in a wide variety of sizes, with an even wider variety of specs. Bulb rivets, self-plugging rivets, and wire-draw rivets can all be used for different structural purposes. When structural integrity is not in question, pull-through rivets are also an option.

When looking for a rivet distributor to fill an order, be sure to keep quality and reliability in mind. These parts may be small, but they often play an essential roll. Any serious company will offer detailed product information on any rivets that they sell. This should include results of materials testing, product tolerances, plating, and any certifications. When quality and product integrity can make the difference between a serious piece of machinery operating as intended or failing under pressure, the importance of finding a trustworthy parts supplier cannot be overstated.

Speed and consistent customer service are also important aspects to consider when looking for a rivet supplier. Many industrial applications require the timely fabrication and delivery of very large lots, so be sure that any producer chosen has the capacity to quickly and efficiently fulfill customer orders exactly according to spec. This generally requires an extensive in-house inventory as well as 24-hour shipping capabilities.

Of course, hobbyists and other industry professionals also occasionally require heavy-duty rivets for the completion of a project. Even in applications that do not directly impact the safety of passengers or other types of customers, it’s important for equipment to hold up to strain. Always purchase the right rivet for the job. Find out more information about different types of rivets online before placing an order.

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