Concepts for Marketing a Spa Treatment and Making it Click

Marketing in the spa is especially fascinating because a spa treatment is non-essential. It is the epitome of a splurge. That is okay. That can be a magnificent strength for a marketer. Below are some concepts and ideas to run a seamless new marketing effort for a spa.

Mobile Discounts and Connecting Logical Industries

Mobile is the future of web development. Many would argue that it is the present because of the ubiquitous nature of mobile usage. Everyone has a data plan. 4G is the new standard. Even airplanes have wi-fi now. Theoretically, a potential client can book their massage through a mobile app as they are traveling on the plane. Marketers can use this to their advantage by advertising on travel booking websites. The discount can be applied right there.

Travel agencies should be an obvious connection. Travel agencies can offer special packages, discounts, and split-cost arrangements. There are all sorts of ways to take this. A marketing leader thinks outside-the-box in connecting spas with other industries.

The App as a Portal to More

What is the marketer seeking? The answer could be as simple as “a customer,” but this doesn’t really get a creative person very far. A download of the app could be the main goal. This places a direct emphasis on the advertising of the app. The app could be rife with discounts and deals for users. It could be used as a message board or a social platform. No matter the means, the app is a wonderful tool. But, all that is secondary to simply getting the app downloaded in the first place. What a marketer is interested in is getting the app out there, and not necessarily its contents at the time. This is one strategy for non-invasive med spa marketing.

As one can see, there are many ways to take this. Marketing in 2017 is a new game. Spas, due to their non-essential nature, can make for a tricky sale. In the right hands, a marketer can harness the special nature of a spa treatment to obtain more sales, more orders, and more hits.

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