The Advantages Of Powder Coat Painting Systems

Increasingly, the powder coating process for applying paint upon metal products is supplanting liquid painting processes in modern industry. First developed in the 1950s, powder coating relies upon laying down layers of particulate material upon a chemically treated metallic surface instead of spraying liquid paints. The advantages of this process yields multiple benefits. Powder paint coatings are more scratch resistant and less prone to chipping than liquid paints. The greater durability of powder paints also results in greater protection against corrosion over the long term. Also, powder coats are more flexible. They will not crack or flake upon bendable surfaces the way dry liquid-based paint tends to.

Because of the mechanics of the process, powder coat paint can be applied with a far greater degree of precision than is possible with liquid sprays. With much finer control available during the application, far less material is wasted in overspray. Not only does this extend available supply but also makes post-application cleanup an easier task. This reduces cleanup downtime, allowing for the painting booth to be put back into production as soon as possible.

Now, this here is a page which outlines how a modern production line can be upgraded to powder coat painting. The blast-cleaning, treatment, spray and curing booths can be installed in any large factory space. While it is quite possible to do the work of installation with employees on-site, a professional crew can perform the construction and installation work more efficiently and in a much shorter timeframe. This can be most important if time is a premium in getting the painting line operational as quickly as possible. The installation crew can better integrate the new systems with the existing infrastructure of the factory to ensure maximum efficiency in operation.

However, for facilities which will not support a full painting production line due to space limitations, there are solutions. There may not be sufficient room for a full scale painting booth, but a plenum wall can be erected in a convenient space. The wall of this open partial booth is equipped with extraction fans to suck away excess powder during the application process, keeping that section of the building relatively clean. This solution is also ideal for smaller-scale industrial operations with moderate production runs, enabling them to enjoy the same advantages of a superior painting process than will ever be possible with liquid spray coating.

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