Credit Cards for Armed Forces

Having a credit card and maintaining a good credit score are definitely challenging jobs. There are some credit cards which are designed especially for the armed personnel. Having the national flag design and regular contribution to the Defence Welfare Association are some of the privileges these types of cards offers to the armed forces.

Highlights of these credit cards

• Joining fees and annual fees for first year usually will be nil.
• Similarly, joining and annual fees for an add-on member are free.
• Card holders do not have to pay charges for loss/re-issue/replacement of card as well for SMS transaction alerts
• If the card is misplaced or lost, the holder can withdraw cash by cheque – no fee for the service
• Charges for duplicate statement, charge slip retrieval and balance enquiry are nil.
• Dining Delight option – Minimum 15 % discount for dining at specific partnered restaurants.


• Complimentary access available to airport lounges
• Want to include a beloved family member – spouse, children, siblings, parents? – They just have to be above 18 years of age.
• Similar to all bank credit cards, even this card will be PIN protected and equipped with an EMV certified chip. Card holders can remain hassle free while making all kinds of transactions on mobile and other devices as there is less possibility of skimming/counterfeit fraud.
• Reward options may include a visit to a theme park, paragliding trip or going abroad a charter.


• Zero Lost Card Liability – Lost or misplaced the card? Afraid it fell on wrong hands? This liability protects the holder from the moment the loss of card is reported to the customer service. However, terms and conditions apply.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for these cards, the card holder should be
• Defence Personnel
• The primary card holder should be between 18 and 70 years of age
• Add-on card holder should have attained the age of 18 years

These cards come with multiple reward points which can be gained by participating in community competitions. Accumulation of more than 1000 points leads to a voucher having value of $50. A card holder can get discounts in multiplexes by just showing proof of the discount voucher.

Or they can avail of free travel (as per the conditions and terms) in a theme park.
In all, these credit cards issued to the armed forces are a boon to their families as they can make bill payments online, book tickets for their favourite show or shop for essential items at multiplexes.

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Dating Tricks To Find Your Credit Score Match

This could be a result of many factors. For instance, people with similar credit scores are likely to be in similar income brackets and as a result have similar tastes and habits. And, people who have similar credit scores (whether low or high) are also likely to have similar attitudes to life. Think about it. If your partner is scrupulously obsessed with keeping their credit score perfect and you on the other hand are a little more relaxed on the subject, having missed a few payments here and there – you’re likely to have pretty different personalities.

Bearing all this in mind, we have created 7 handy first date tricks to help you to find your credit score match. Read on to take advantage of these handy romantic (and financial!) hints.

Talk about mortgages.
OK, now mortgages may not be the most romantic topic on the face of it, however they are linked to several deeper aspects of our lives. For instance: do we want to settle down? Are we a homeowner? Do we want to share a home with someone we love, or would we rather travel the world with them? A negative credit score can affect your chances of getting a mortgage, and so why not approach the issue by talking about deeper topics such as whether you and your date see yourselves settling down in a love nest in a couple of years’ time. Now that can be a highly romantic topic of conversation!

Talk about marriage.
Did you know that if you are married, your partner’s negative credit score can affect your own? Discussing your respective attitudes to marriage on a first date is a good way of establishing whether your potential partner values stability – both financially and romantically. After all, these two types of stability often go hand in hand.

Check in with them about their past regrets.
Asking someone what their biggest regrets are is actually quite a common first date question! It’s away of getting to know someone. Sometimes, those regrets will be financial ones – debts got into, loans taken out for projects that headed off track. Or, maybe your future lover regrets being too careful with their money! Whatever answer you get to this question, you will be able to move on to ask them about their credit score if you like, or simply use the discussion to gauge their attitudes to risk and reward more generally.

Talk about careers.
Are you both members of the precariat? You can bond over that! Or, maybe you both work in the same financially stable profession. Either way, talking about your career prospects, hopes, and pasts is a brilliant way to get to know each other – and each other’s credit scores.

Ask what they would do with a large sum of money.
If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do? This is such a common first date question. If your date says ‘use the money to pay off all of my considerable credit card debts’ or ‘haul myself out of bankruptcy’, then you may get a fair idea of their credit score! Of course, if someone has a poor credit report repair, that does not mean that you should not date them at all – all this indicates is what their attitudes to life are like, and whether they match yours.

Ask them how organized they are.
Another great question which helps you to get to know both your partner’s personality and their credit score. If someone is very disorganized, they may find it hard to keep on making payments on time to their various creditors. A super organized person will usually be on top of their credit and their finances.

Just ask them about their credit score.
If you want to be honest with your date, why not just cut to the chase. Ask them what their credit score is like, and divulge yours too if you feel like it. You could open this conversation by saying ‘I just read a fascinating little article about how to find your credit score match on a first date… ‘

In conclusion, asking someone about their credit score on a first date is a great way to find out if you guys will be a good match in the longer term. And, you do not need to do so in a blunt way if you don’t want to: ease into the conversation with a discussion of general topics such as life plans and attitudes to money.

Top 8 Credit Repair Programs

There are plenty of financial repair programs in the market to choose from. However, it requires a lot of research to sieve legit from the fraud ones and be able to come out with the best, legal and effective program for your financial crisis.
A great financial repair program should be able to show a plan of how they will solve your financial issues first, guarantee you that they will restore your credit rating back up and be running at the earliest time possible.

In this article, we are going to show you some examples of top eight companies that are offering top notch credit repair programs and you can decide to choose which one mostly impresses you.

Ovation- This offers very effective credit repair services at very competitive prices. They are great in assisting you in identifying ways of raising your credit ratings. They also commit to repay back your money in case they fail to meet their promise.
My Credit Repair Fix- This is a new company, reputable, legal and offering a very attractive approach to solving your credit issues.
Academy Credit- This is among the best in the financial repair industry. They offer a variety of services such as debt negotiations and they do offer suggestions as well as referring you to companies where you can secure new credit.
MSI Credit Solution- This gives each client a customized solution to their particular issues based on the nature of their problems. They also guarantee to raise your rating to near 50% get money pay back if they fail to deliver on that.
Lexington Law- This is a law firm specializing in credit repair matters and their services are top notch. Their reputation is very high since they offer credit attorneys given that they are a law firm. They have established themselves very solidly in the market due to their presence since 1991.
My Credit Group- This is a very organized and unique company in the service they offer such in credit repair, the establishment of new credit and paying off debts.
Sky Blue Credit Repair- They have a great customer service department for their clients. They offer an elaborate way of solving disputes, cleaning the damaging issues of client’s credit as well as raising their rating back.
Credit Attorney P.C- This Company is relatively new and it offers a variety of services in the credit repair areas.

The world of business is changing and so are the credit repair programs. Therefore one is advised to do deep research and make sure they are using the most current repair program.

Low APR Credit Cards – Simple Strategies To Increase Your Score And Lower Your Payments

Credit is very powerful, as you know and when used correctly, it can become an asset to your life. The benefits of good credit is that you get to enjoy a low APR (annual percentage rate). A low APR credit card can save you thousands of dollars in interest charges in a years time.

So let’s say your credit score is fairy high, roughly 780. Creditors are going to charge you a lower interest rate than if your credit score is only 575. What are some of the things you can do to help you obtain those lower interest cards?

Only use 30% or less of your total balance. If you want your credit score to really soar, try reducing the balance to only 10%. Carrying a lower balance means you are more trustworthy, which makes creditors reward you with a lower interest rate.

If you have more than 30% of the balance used, always pay more than the minimum monthly payment. I know it’s common sense but paying more reduces the balance quicker, which, works to increase your credit score.

It really is a simple circle. Understanding credit and learning how to play by the rules will crown you as a competent winner. By ignoring the basic rules, you will overspend thousands more for the same items. Getting your credit together is definitely the first step to applying for and getting low APR credit cards.

Next, another super easy thing to do is to get a copy of your credit report. Make sure everything is accurate. If you do happen to run across a discrepancy or two, there are do it yourself credit repair letters that you can send to the credit bureau for them to investigate. If there are errors, you can have those removed off of your credit report.

The process of repairing your credit is just that, a process. We all want the high score for all the benefits it holds. But, we also need to remember things may take longer than we desire. The key is to just stay consistent doing the things mentioned in this article. Consistency is boring, I will admit. However, when it comes to increasing your credit score, this is one discipline you must adopt.

A low APR credit card is very desirable because of all the money you save in interest charges. Keep your balances low. This will show creditors you are trustworthy. Always pay more than the minimum monthly payment. And perhaps one of the best things you can do is fight any errors found on your credit report. As I said, boring, yes. But consistency is the key to success when increasing your credit score.

Fixing your credit issues and getting approved for lower interest credit cards are not difficult to do. The above article is your first steps.

A Good Credit Score Is The Need Of The Hour

Wonder what the future has in store for you? If you have, then you might be aware that monetary needs are one thing that goes hand in hand with unexpected future events. One slight misjudgment can lead to having a bad credit score with us depending on unplanned expenditures and improper management of money.

Reasons why Credit repairing is important

This is something you don’t want to face and it is associated with many problems like

Issues in sanctioning of loan in times of need

Renting an apartment

Tampering with your employment.

Even the mobile operators check your credit score nowadays in some places.

Steps to avoid Bad credit Score

Some basic steps taken by you at the preliminary level can help you avoid a bad credit score:

1. Keep a check on your payments

2. Keep yourself organized with your payment deadlines

3. Researching the marketplace before making a purchasing decision

4. Make sure that all your costs are in the open while for a load or anything

Credit Repairing Service Providers

To avoid you from getting stuck in this bad Credit web you need to optimize your credit scores. This requires some expertise which is provided by the Credit repairing service providers. They provide you with tutorials which will give you an insight about the proper management of your credit score.

These Credit service repairs have proven to be effective and worth looking at rather than having a bad credit. Tutorials will also provide you with some rules and regulations related to the credits and give you in upper hand for the future. This is so to maintain a good credit for possible prospective landlords, insurers, etc. These help you with the technical part of your credit repairing. The common sense factor will develop somewhat based on your research about crediting as well as your crediting pattern.

They also provide you with consultations regarding smart investment and crediting and cuts your work on researching the rules and laws of crediting right for your needs. The consultation also involves a thorough assessment of your credits and find the problems which are harming your score and as a solution tips and tricks are provided to enhance it.

They make it their job to give you the best in class consultation and services to prevent your score from damaging and save you from money troubles when the need arises in the future.

Smart management is the way to living a peaceful life and credit repairing services provide you with it.

Even if your credit scores are bad, don’t worry, you may get government help in terms of loans for your startups, loans for single parents, etc. They often provide loans to special people with 0% interest or very less interest if their ideas are able convince the government.

Finally, it is always better to be aware and ready rather than being helpless and dependent at the time of crisis. Rightly said by someone, Prevention is better than cure.

“A wise decision would be to organize and plan your credits effectively.”

Keep track of your credits and their deadlines. Research your way out of these bad credits and planning and organizing is of utmost importance. Know the laws of crediting and make your life easier by contacting credit repair services right away.

Credit Cards With Rewards – What’s the Catch?

Go on a shopping spree

Don’t have enough money to make the best out of the year-end deals in shopping malls? Not to worry! Instead of scouting for deals in snazzy shopping malls, shop through the website of your credit card. You will be surprised to find how many reward points can get you the merchandise that you may be lusting after in fantastic offers available online. Be it toys for the kids, apparel or health and beauty products you are likely to find good deals on e-commerce sites that your card issuer has tie-ups with. So instead of spending money on merchandise in retail outlets do your shopping online by making the best use of your credit cards! You can still visit the malls to experience the holiday cheer, though!

Travel guilt free this holiday season

If shopping is not your thing and you are the adventure seeking backpacking kind looking for a quick weekend escape this holiday season, check how many reward points you can redeem against air tickets. Some credit card issuers have tie-ups with airlines where you can redeem your reward points to get tickets that are significantly discounted. Some other card issuers have tie-ups with aggregator websites that let you are a winner as you may just lay your hands on the fun trip to rejuvenate yourself as the year ends.

Gift vouchers to make loved ones’ smile

Are you feeling low for you have not been able to purchase gifts for your loved ones as you are seriously short on money? These gift vouchers could be the perfect gifts for the picky ones in your family who are never quite happy with the choice of others. Gift vouchers redeemed against your reward points can make you both happy!

Save up on annual fees

If none of the above are on your to- do- list and you prefer to curl up under a warm blanket with your favorite book and a warm drink during the holidays, you could still enhance your holiday cheer by redeeming your reward points to pay off your annual credit card renewal fee. This will result in savings that you may not have otherwise anticipated.

A chance to give back

Tis the season to be giving, humble and grateful. The gift of giving back is one that brings in joy unbounded, so if you are feeling magnanimous, Most card issuers allow you to donate your reward points to charities and non-profit organizations, so you can do your bit to give back to the society. What’s more is that such donations are eligible for tax deductions too. we hope you will have the opportunity to spread some extra holiday cheer!